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When indicated, we use patient-specific force to spinal segments or other restricted joints of the body to increase motion in them. Most of the time an audible ‘pop’ will be heard. We also call this manual therapy or manipulation.


Utilising an adjustable instrument to apply force directly into a joint to increase mobility without the audible ‘pop’. This technique works well for children, the elderly or where a lighter force is more appropriate to treat an injury.


Our chiropractic tables have segmental parts that rise and drop down with gentle force from the chiropractor to improve motion in restricted segments of the spine or other joints in the body. This technique also does not have the audible ‘pop’ with increasing joint mobility.


Also referred to as ‘anatomical acupuncture’, this technique involves the insertion of a fine acupuncture needle into a muscular trigger point to relieve muscular pain and hypertonicity (tightness).


Also referred to as ‘soft tissue therapy’. Targeted, hands-on treatment to the muscular system to relieve tension associated with tight muscles and trigger points. This treatment works very well in combination with the chiropractic therapy to relieve many musculoskeletal ailments.


Using instruments crafted out of surgical stainless steel to break up chronic muscular injuries and scar tissue throughout the body. This technique works on both the muscle tissue and its connective tissue layer called the fascia.


Following recurrence of acute problems or with chronic conditions, it is often recommended that a course of exercises be performed at home or in the gym to better prevent re-injury. We utilise a program called physitrack which has over 3500 exercises to tailor make a program to suit each individual case.

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